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Canadian prices vs USA prices

29 Sep

Canadian prices VS USA prices

This is a topic that is not only effecting Vancouver, but the entire country as we all try to support our fellow Canadian companies but the competition across the border is just too much. I will provide a few examples that I’m sure many can relate to and almost EVERYONE can agree on. I am […]

Cell phones ILLEGAL, Pets Legal in vehicles

13 May

Mobile devices vs Pets in vehicles

This is one topic that may offend some readers (it really shouldn’t though). I would like your opinions on this and if you agree/disagree so please read on.   I understand that there are many careless drivers out there as is and it was probably a good idea to get British Columbians voting on this […]

Vancouver Airlines policies for damage deposit is Nothing

21 Apr

Airline Policies regarding damage and lost items

This article is based again on some really bad experiences I had in the past with airline companies in Vancouver BC, especially WestJet and Air Canada. Have you ever flown and had some valuable goods with you such as equipment, digital devices, jewelery, or anything that was worth well over a thousand dollars? You would […]