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Driving Tip 4

19 Jul

Lane Change Without Signal

Changing Lanes and Turns Without a Signal Ask yourself if you are one of those people who does this without realizing how bad it actually is? You’ll find that nearly everyone has done this in several occasions. In fact, many do this all the time.   In an earlier post (Signal in Advance), I mentioned […]

Will you consider Canada Post and traditional mailing again or will you use online services more?

5 Jul

Canada Post strike

Hello everyone and I hope the better summer weather finds you well! In this article, I try to point out a few things things such as how we have gotten so used having a mail service for centuries and also how we are getting used to another method (online delivery) which might lead to an […]

Canucks Hockey fans gave Metro Vancouver a bad reputation

19 Jun

Vancouver Canucks Hockey Fans Riot

Who would’ve thought that the Vancouver Canucks would lose 4-0 against the Bostons Bruins game 7 of the NHL finals? Even more shocking, who expected that kind of bad behaviour from our fellow Vancouverites after that loss?   In the mist of all problems in our city such as the current strike from Canada Post […]

Cell phones ILLEGAL, Pets Legal in vehicles

13 May

Mobile devices vs Pets in vehicles

This is one topic that may offend some readers (it really shouldn’t though). I would like your opinions on this and if you agree/disagree so please read on.   I understand that there are many careless drivers out there as is and it was probably a good idea to get British Columbians voting on this […]

Vancouver Airlines policies for damage deposit is Nothing

21 Apr

Airline Policies regarding damage and lost items

This article is based again on some really bad experiences I had in the past with airline companies in Vancouver BC, especially WestJet and Air Canada. Have you ever flown and had some valuable goods with you such as equipment, digital devices, jewelery, or anything that was worth well over a thousand dollars? You would […]

Homelessness and Drugs

5 Mar

Homeless sleeping on a public bench

First I would like to mention that due to a variety of reasons, some statements may be written without complete research so please understand this and know that this is merely my opinions and thoughts on this matter.   Vancouver is known to the world as one of the most beautiful and most livable cities […]