Driving Tip 3

24 May

Signal in Advance

This has to be one of the simplest things anyone can do without thinking about it too much. I can’t really understand how other drivers do not know when to signal especially during rush hour.

Signal in ADVANCE - Driving Tips

Signal in ADVANCE - Driving Tips


Why is it that many drivers in Metro Vancouver are either not educated enough to know when to signal, or do so purposely? It is not very hard to remember that before you make a turn of any kind, SIGNAL IN ADVANCE!


Real Life Example

I’ve seen many drivers who assume that you will know they will make a turn simply by slowing down (and not even hitting the break, just letting go of the gas pedal). I once encountered a lady who was driving in King George in Surrey and was making a right turn onto 102 ave and guess when she decided to turn on her right turn signal? Right when she was turning and it was a very sharp turn and her speed must have been around 30KM. If I hadn’t been paying attention to that kind of driving behavior, had enough space ahead of me, and had good tires and brakes, I would’ve definitely hit her from behind and it would have been totally at fault. Would you really think that would be my fault in the first place? I’d wonder what the judges and people at ICBC would say?

Correct Technique

Simple, just Signal in ADVANCE so people can actually tell you are turning. I guarantee you that if everyone did this properly, our traffic and accident numbers will improve by a great number. Do your job and let others know their mistakes (teach the new drivers and those who don’t do this by default) so we can all have safer roads and less mistakes out there. I hope you enjoyed this quick tip!



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