Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011-2012

31 Dec

Happy New Year

These days are the happiest times of the year so I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God be with you guiding your every step and bringing you lots of joy!   It’s been a while since I posted something due to the buys life (which we […]

Product or Service Warranties are Misleading

18 Oct

Product / Service Warranties are Misleading

We have all purchased items that either had no warranty, basic warranty, or purchased extended warranty of some sort and this post explains to you that most times, it won’t matter which one you got. When you buy something these days, the sales person or company will usually try to sell you a warranty package […]

Canadian prices vs USA prices

29 Sep

Canadian prices VS USA prices

This is a topic that is not only effecting Vancouver, but the entire country as we all try to support our fellow Canadian companies but the competition across the border is just too much. I will provide a few examples that I’m sure many can relate to and almost EVERYONE can agree on. I am […]

Sewer Covers (manholes) destroying our vehicles

29 Aug

Sewer Covers (manholes) destroying our cars

This has to be one of the most annoying things for every driver out there in any part of the world. I really can’t comprehend how we can still drive safe and enjoy our drive when we constantly drive over these manholes or sewer covers.   I wish from ANYONE to give me a reasonable […]

Celebration of Light 2011 – Metro Vancouver’s annual Fireworks Festival

5 Aug

Vancouver's Annual Celebration of Light

The Celebration of Light (formerly known as the Symphony of Fire) annual musical fireworks festival has to be one of my favorite events that happen in Metro Vancouver every year. Fireworks in the sky synced with beautiful music from around the world for thousands of people to enjoy for FREE even if it is for […]

Health Care is a BUSINESS, Before it is a Solution

28 Jul

Health Care Patients vs Business Customers

If you are new to this country or was born and lived here all your life, you’ll know that when someone is sick or seriously injured, there’s lots of information to be given to the health care professional before anything can be done. But isn’t there a better method to do this than what we […]

Metro Vancouver Weather Change

22 Jul

Metro Vancouver Weather Change

Can you believe the kind of summer Metro Vancouver is having this year? It seems like our climate has changed dramatically this year (not to mention how different it was a decade ago). This post does not intend to fix anything in our city but only describe the change we’re having to our weather system […]

Driving Tip 4

19 Jul

Lane Change Without Signal

Changing Lanes and Turns Without a Signal Ask yourself if you are one of those people who does this without realizing how bad it actually is? You’ll find that nearly everyone has done this in several occasions. In fact, many do this all the time.   In an earlier post (Signal in Advance), I mentioned […]

Will you consider Canada Post and traditional mailing again or will you use online services more?

5 Jul

Canada Post strike

Hello everyone and I hope the better summer weather finds you well! In this article, I try to point out a few things things such as how we have gotten so used having a mail service for centuries and also how we are getting used to another method (online delivery) which might lead to an […]

Canucks Hockey fans gave Metro Vancouver a bad reputation

19 Jun

Vancouver Canucks Hockey Fans Riot

Who would’ve thought that the Vancouver Canucks would lose 4-0 against the Bostons Bruins game 7 of the NHL finals? Even more shocking, who expected that kind of bad behaviour from our fellow Vancouverites after that loss?   In the mist of all problems in our city such as the current strike from Canada Post […]